The Danube Delta
The Last Sanctuary of Nature
In conclusion, stress should be made upon the fact that the Danube Delta represents a complex of ecosystems: aquatic ecosystems with sweet or salt water, with running water ( the river arms), with brooks which link the river arms to each other , with canals artificially cut, floodable terrains and fluvial and maritime bank ridges . Each ecosystem has its own specific character, and inter-acts with the surrounding ecosystems thus mutually influencing.The result of these interactions is the unity and the stability of the Danube Delta. Over the years, many people wrote about the picturesqueness , the riches and the scientific importance of the Danube Delta.Mention can be made of the great lovers of these mirific and wonderful places, writers as well as geographers like : Alexandru Vlahuta, Jean Bart, Octavian Goga, Mihail Sadoveanu, George Valsan, Vintila Mihailescu, Grigore Antipa, Mihai Tican Rumano.

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