The Danube Delta
The last Sanctuary of Nature

”Indeed, the Danube Delta is a miracle which closes up in honour the long line of so many wonderful things which the Danube sees from its spring down to the sea “

Simion Mehedinti


The Danube Delta is the newest land of our country ( and of Europe, too) and the lowest relief part,but at the same time the second in size delta of Europe( after the Volga) and the twenty second in the world. It lays out at the crossing point of the 45 parallel latidude North with the 29 meridian longitude East, in the North-East of Dobrogei Plateau.Its size is of 5640 out of which 4340 are located on Romania's territory while 1300 are on the territory of Ukraine.

The Danube Delta represents a low region which about 10,000 years ago, as a result of the raising of the level of the Black Sea waters, was changed into a gulf. The alluvial deposits carried by the Danube together with those brought by the marine currents created sand banks streching from West to East and, from North to South, respectively.When these alluvial deposits came up to reach the water level, land appeared in the gulf, namely bank ridges tops ( with various dimensions) being bordered by chanels through which the river waters were flowing.Thus, the delta appeared in the northern part of the gulf , later on to gradually extend from West to East. In the South, due to the development of some sand offshore bars between Sfintul Gheorghe Arm and Midia Cape, a system of lagoona type lakes resulted. Therefore, the Danube Delta is a common creation of both the river and the sea in the conditions of reduced tides which facilitated the forming of the alluvial deposits.